Youth Homes of Mid-America’s mission is to provide youth and their families with the tools they need to live happy, successful lives. They work with children who have a range of emotional, behavioral and educational difficulties and offer residential treatment, transitional and independent living, and counseling programs to help them achieve their goals.

 The organization holds an annual fundraiser that secures a large portion of their funding, and during 2020, a time when donations meant more than ever, Youth Homes needed their messaging to stand out to drive donations. The campaign slogan, “I helped a kid today,” was adapted from a mantra that former Executive Director Mike Arendt often repeated during his tenure at Youth Homes. Mike retired from Youth Homes last year after working for the organization for 40 years.

“Mike has been such an influential person for Youth Homes, championing for the kids we serve. We wanted to pay homage to his dedication and service by turning his mantra into our annual fundraiser’s slogan.”

Chris Koepplin, executive director of Youth Homes

Trilix partnered with Youth Homes to develop campaign marketing materials that paired the slogan with visuals that list how funding is spent — an effective way to demonstrate to donors how their money helps the kids directly.

We wanted a simple yet effective way to catch people’s attention while honoring Youth Homes’ mission. Using a motivational phrase and a bold color combination undeniably asks them to engage with the campaign and hopefully drives them to donate.”

Spencer Brown, art director at Trilix

Learn more about Youth Homes on their website and by following them on Facebook.