Templeton Rye is a well-established Iowa brand of rye whiskey, with a parent company that has embraced its unique and rich history.

Infinium Spirits owns the company and in 2018 made a $26 million investment to bring all whiskey production under one roof in Templeton. The small community is a little off the beaten path from population centers like Des Moines and Omaha. The same obscurity that helped launch the legendary whiskey during Prohibition makes it a potential challenge for fans of the spirit to visit the new distillery.

The solution

Templeton Distillery turned to a familiar friend for help. Trilix has a long history with the company, dating back to the original brand and label created by our chief creative officer when he was with another agency. Since then, Trilix has worked with Templeton Distillery on labels, collateral and promotional materials, as well as advertising, website management and social media engagement.

Why not create an immersive 360-degree video tour of the facility to bring it to those interested in learning more about the distillery? Trilix collaborated with Templeton Distillery to create the 360-degree video tour, along with conventional video assets to show off the process.

The finished products

The 360-degree video is best viewed through an immersive headset, and Templeton Distillery has taken great advantage of that technology at trade shows. The video is interactive and allows you to look around the state-of-the-art distillery while Chase Prebeck, hospitality manager at Templeton Distillery, guides your tour.

Trilix senior video producer and editor Cole Bates Norum was excited to use the technology.

"The 360-degree tour video was an awesome opportunity to tell a timeless story with new equipment and techniques. We’re proud of the final project and how it helps Templeton Distillery share their facility in a different way," Cole said.

Take the interactive video for a spin below and scroll around while watching:

The standard video takes the viewer on a narrated grain-to-glass voyage. It starts with a little taste of Templeton history, then winds through the Iowa crops that make up the mash bill, through the fermentation and distillation process at the facility, with a long rest inside oak barrels charred perfectly to present a fine sipping rye whiskey. Never lost in the process is the local pride in their history and their defining product.

The narration ends with something to remember: “A small town with a big spirit and a damn good whiskey.”

Watching the videos might even inspire the viewer to make a trek to Templeton to get a taste themselves.

Trilix senior account manager Alex Rich is proud of the collaboration.

“It was a pleasure working with the Templeton Distillery team to share the experience that many aren’t able to, simply due to the location of Templeton, Iowa,” Alex said. “The facility is incredible, and the tour is fascinating. It was a joy bringing that to light, digitally, for all to see.”

Check out the standard video below for your own inspiration.