Our industry-leading web development and design teams create websites that tell each client’s story. But what about our own? Sometimes with all the client work in an agency, it’s imperative to intentionally focus on telling your own story. And Trilix has done just that.

Multiple Trilix departments joined forces to create a new cutting-edge website that showcases what we do best. The Interactive, Creative and Communications Departments each used their expert skills to bring Trilix to life on your screen. Back-end and front-end developers incorporated the latest and greatest of web industry innovations, elements and best practices— even down to navigation buttons morphing when clicked and spinning when hovered over with your cursor, a slight animation called a hover state. Colors and backdrop images coincide with the Trilix brand, which has been a marketing staple in Des Moines, Iowa, for years. A strong but limited color palette creates cohesiveness and makes it easier for users to focus. When scrolling through the dropdown menu, each section changes color to the vibrant Trilix green as your cursor hovers. Every detail was imagined and executed with the best tactics, SEO wordsmithing and creative features in mind.

Jeremy Koppin, senior interactive designer, said one of the biggest challenges for the new site was how to show the variety of work Trilix has completed for clients. The site had to be engaging but also neutral enough for the content to pop on screen.

“The idea is to try to let the work speak for itself. The finished product is a simple, clean design.”

Jeremy Koppin

Creating a website involves several moving parts, and Yancy de Lathouder, vice president of technology at Trilix, explains a few additional key elements that are vital to website development. He says a project might require iterative SEO analysis combined with content redevelopment, A/B testing to target optimal user interaction, promotional digital media on third-party sites, ROI or pixel tracking to test effectiveness of campaigns, intermittent technology updates and ongoing browser testing.

“Always build websites with a holistic approach,” Yancy advises. “Yes, the site should be easily navigable, have pertinent content and deliver an engaging user experience, but maintaining and launching a website involves much more.”

Clean coding, optimal speed and intuitive content management systems are also necessary to ensure a website meets the needs of its users. Trilix creates custom websites, approaching each project with the unique needs of each client’s brand in mind. And of course, only cutting-edge elements and industry best practices are used in all our web services. Trilix has experts in all fields of website development and decades of experience to lead and manage proper implementation.

"For the Trilix website, it was a challenge to be both the client and the producer," Yancy said. “We make websites, so the website we put out there has to be really good.”

“You’re your own worst critic. And the website turned out very well. It’s just what you need and nothing more.”

Yancy de Lathouder

Others agreed. In fact, we received an American Advertising Award from the American Advertising Federation of Des Moines for the new site. Trilix took home a gold in the Online/Interactive — Advertising Industry Self-Promotion category during the award show on Feb. 23.

An award from others in the marketing and advertising industry is an exceptional honor, said Brett Adams, Trilix’s chief marketing officer.

“It’s always nice to be recognized professionally where your peers look at your work and believe it has value,” Brett said. “It’s also nice for those who worked on it, and it’s good for the agency because people feel even more proud to work here.”

Dive deep into our new website, and see highlights of client work. Each story we’ve told has become a part of our own, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store in the coming years. You’ll find the web layout is approachable and can be navigated easily. Simple and stylish, our website allows our story to speak for itself. So, take a look around and see what we can do. Let us make your website and brand just as fantastic.