An effective sales tool and the backbone of your marketing strategy, your website is oftentimes your first impression. It’s also an opportunity to tell your company’s story, communicating who you are and what products and services you offer. Because web design trends continually evolve, a “good” company website simply won’t do. For your brand to stay competitive, you must adopt the latest tactics to stay top of mind with consumers.

Mitch Steimel, Interactive Designer
Mitch Steimel, Interactive Designer

According to Trilix Interactive Designer Mitch Steimel, many components make a user-friendly, visually aesthetic website that is tailored to your business goals.

“The look, feel, colors, flow, interactions, etc., all work together to invoke emotions and educate users about what a company does,” Mitch notes. “You can come off as professional and the expert in your field, or you could be the hardworking company with a relaxed vibe, and all of this can come across reading a few sentences of copy on a website.”

Learning and researching the latest tactics in website design is a crucial component of Mitch’s job, especially because the field constantly evolves with new technologies and changes in people’s preferences on website accessibility.

“I say learning is important because the field of web design and development is ever-changing, and there are many ways to do the same thing. As with any field or art, if you don’t learn and improve, you get left behind,” Mitch reflects.

So, how can you keep your website looking fresh and performing well to deliver maximum impact for your business? According to Mitch, businesses need to pay attention to these key trends:

Custom illustrations

Many websites are going away from traditional photography and using custom illustrations. Illustrations add personality and character to your website, encouraging users to engage with your content. Using stock images can provide a cookie-cutter feel, turning off customers who might recognize the images.

Bright colors in gradients

Vibrant gradient colors on websites seem to be quite popular. But what are gradient colors exactly? They involve the gradual blending of one color to another. To see a prime example, log in to Hulu. Even something as simple as changing a small banner image to one that consists of bright, gradient colors will add depth to your site.


According to Adobe, embedding video on your homepage can increase conversion rates and convey your message quickly and in a more engaging and interesting way. See our website for a perfect example.

White space

Back in the day, the rule of thumb most people followed was to keep all content "above the fold." But times have changed. Websites that continue to follow this rule look busy and messy, which is why it’s best to keep white space to avoid cramming all your content above the fold.

“Above the fold isn’t as big of a sticking point anymore and it allows for better designed sites. You’re able to create proper importance for different elements and vertical rhythms, so the site is more enjoyable to view.”

These are some website design trends we see becoming more popular. Our website design experts can help your company adopt the latest tactics in web design so you can stay competitive in your field. Contact us to learn more about our web services.