Finding ways to repurpose your existing content should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Most brands likely have powerful existing content that gets lost or forgotten because of several reasons: new content is generated, your audience changes how they consume information, older content becomes outdated and more. Reformatting that content into a different medium not only helps you reach more people, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to work with existing content to give it new life and save you time during the creation and approval process.

Repurposing content can be an invaluable tactic for your brand to share more content more efficiently. However, if it’s not shared strategically or in your audience’s preferred medium in which to consume information, it could get lost. Inventory your content — blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media posts, internal data, white papers, anything really — to see what still holds true. Then determine how to repurpose that content into a different medium to expand your audience. You’ll need to review your analytics to understand where your audience consumes your content and what content performs well. Have you considered podcasts, videos or other types of mediums? Start with this list to see what could apply.

Turn blogs into videos or podcasts

Successful blogs can inspire new visual or audio content in the forms of videos or podcasts. Maybe you interviewed an expert who informed blog content. Invite them to expound on that information to record a podcast, or create a video to provide supplementary commentary. If you don’t host a podcast, maybe one of your company leaders can be the guest on a vendor or partner’s relevant podcast that will help create awareness of and drive traffic to your product or service.

Turn testimonials into social content

Audiences today heavily rely on consumer reviews and testimonials to inform their purchases. Scroll through your latest online reviews to see what testimonials you could use. You can even create videos or pair with engaging graphics to gain even more traction. No useful online reviews? Ask your sales team if they know any customers who would be glad to share some kind words.

Create videos with webinar content

Webinars attract people from all over the country, but even then, your audience is limited because of time constraints. Evaluate your most successful webinars to determine how they can be repurposed. Can you create an online course or training videos for either internal or external audiences? What about an informational video that’s published to your YouTube channel? Videos provide seemingly endless ways to promote and showcase your brand — get creative!

Transform internal data into case studies

If you collect internal data to measure performance, you’re sitting on an information goldmine that’s exclusive to your brand. While data helps inform your marketing strategy, it can also help turn prospects into customers by weaving together statistics and storytelling. Do you have survey information, trends about consumer data, marketing data or internal research? Sharing this type of data — with insights that point back to your product or service — can establish you as an industry leader while promoting your brand.

Use a photo library to create a Pinterest board

Pinterest can be an effective platform for brands that are driven by high-quality visuals, especially brands in consumer packaged goods or DIY industries. Photo libraries, customer images and more can be used to create different Pinterest boards, which can drive traffic to a blog or a custom landing page made specific for Pinterest users.

Update outdated blog posts

Do you have blogs that offer good insight but outdated statistics or information? Older blogs can still generate organic traffic as long as they’re optimized with current information, stats and keywords. These existing blogs provide an easy opportunity to remain relevant, link to newer content and repost via social media or a newsletter.

Publish an e-newsletter with blog content

If you’re publishing blogs but not promoting them, are they reaching your audience? Many brands rely on social media to promote their blog posts, but that content may not reach your full audience. Email marketing provides another opportunity to connect with readers and direct them to the content you want them to see in a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly format.

As you plan your content, strategize how you can create and promote it across mediums. If you begin producing content with multiple final publication products in mind, you can make every step more efficient. Working with a full-service marketing agency can help you identify ways to repurpose content and define a content marketing strategy that meets your audiences where they are.