In May 2021, Stine® Seed Company collaborated with Trilix to develop the Stine Seed App to provide growers, dealers and independent sales representatives with the latest product information, field guidance, testimonials and more all from the convenience of their smart device. Since the initial launch, Stine has worked with Trilix to expand the app’s offerings and has made several updates to the internal aspects accessed by the company’s sales reps and dealers to help them better serve growers.

The app, which can be downloaded here, was created for ease of use for growers, sales representatives and dealers. It allows them quick access to important information, resources and tools offered on Stine’s website, whether they’re in the fields or traveling to customers. The app enables them to do their jobs more efficiently from where they are since sales reps and dealers are often on the move. Similarly, farmers spend much of the year on the go while planting, scouting and harvesting.

Here what you can find in the app.

  • Product information. Browse Stine’s complete corn and soybean lineup with in-depth agronomic information on each product and access the newest Stine Seed Catalog.
  • Profitability calculators. Calculate expected return on investment with corn and soybean profitability calculators by comparing income per acre for Stine products with up to three competitors.
  • Ask the Agronomist blog. Read the latest information from Stine’s expert team, including advice and insight on field practices, crop management and keeping your farm operation running smoothly year-round; product recommendations; planting and harvest updates; new technologies; and innovative research.
  • Find Stine. Connect with your local Stine independent sales representative and regional sales agronomist by searching for your state and county.
  • Grower stories. Read (and watch) testimonials from Stine corn and soybean customers.

“The app allows Stine to expand communications with customers and the sales team, giving them a two-way communication tool to provide notifications and information in the palm of the user’s hand,” said Brett Adams, Trilix president and chief marketing officer. 

In addition to the resources available to growers, sales reps can also access tools to help them in their jobs as they’re out connecting with and assisting customers. While some functionalities require an internet connection, app users can view account information, reports, pricing schedules and quote generators, marketing materials, sales training videos and more while out supporting the growers in their region.

An app has a lot of flexibility to grow with the needs of your salespeople and customers.

Brett Adams, Trilix president and chief marketing officer

“On the business side of things, it helps sales reps manage tasks as well as access records and information,” Brett said. “An app has a lot of flexibility to grow with the needs of your salespeople and customers.”

The Stine Seed App was developed for both iOS and Android and is integrated with the Stine website and sales support tools, allowing it to serve as a business solution for the company’s internal teams as well as being a consumer-facing resource. As the agriculture industry continues to advance, it’s important to meet your customers and team members where and when needed. The Stine Seed App is a positive step in that direction.