What does swag mean in today’s world? Is it attitude and style converging as one? Or maybe it’s an individual’s fashion flair? Like a one-of-a-kind person — an existentialist — making a statement for everyone to witness. To us, it’s all of the above and more.

Swag stores serve as a brand hub for everyone from employees to sales teams. Public-facing swag stores offer consumers a one-stop shop to purchase branded apparel, premium products, sales materials and more. More over, these often-online portals pose as a place for brands to jump off the page or screen and into the daily lives of internal and external stakeholders. 

And while Trilix has plenty of experience helping clients develop swag stores and ensuring the promotional items in them remain consistent with branding, we utilize our own swag store to further our brand's reach. 

The online Trilix Swag Store exists to reward our team with high-quality apparel they’re proud to wear to the office, to client meetings and around town. Branded apparel and accessories don’t just cause heads to turn. They’re a form of advertising; almost like a mini billboard or out-of-home experience walking right past you in the real world.

Our clients have taken notice.

A few years back, our team came up with the idea to put a Trilix shirt on the Elf on the Shelf — and to send it out to some of our clients as a holiday gift. The feedback was extremely positive, and voila: the opportunity was born to set up branded swag stores for many of our clients.

A fully functional swag store is a great way to not only give your staff the opportunity to show support for their brand, but it’s also a modern, grassroots way to expand your organization’s presence. Interested in a swag store for your brand and employees? Look no further than Trilix to help make it a reality.