Motivated by the mission of meeting clients’ goals, Ashlie Chambers will use her background in marketing and collegiate athletics to excel as part of the Trilix team as a project manager. Aside from the skills she learned in her previous role as a marketing specialist, Ashlie showcases the time management, organization and teamwork skills she accumulated as a student-athlete in softball at Drake University.

Ashlie’s ability to juggle both tasks and items (no, really, Ashlie has performed in talent shows with her juggling ability) will allow her to crush her clients’ goals out of the park. We tossed Ashlie a few questions during our Q&A — so grab your stadium beer and hot dog while you learn more about her!

Can you tell me a bit about your professional background?

Prior to joining Trilix, I spent four years as a marketing specialist for Helena Agri-Enterprises, where I learned and implemented a wide variety of valuable marketing skills. In addition, I gained experience as an intern for Clive Parks & Recreation. To complement my professional experiences, I earned an MBA and bachelor’s degree in marketing from Drake University.

What are your strengths professionally?

Coming from a sports background — time management, organization and working as part of a team translates directly to my professional strengths. I strive to do what is best for the team and am willing to do what it takes to go above and beyond to ensure projects are done with integrity. Before Trilix, I was on the client side, and that experience enables me to provide a unique perspective of how a client operates and works with the agency.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

Being a project manager is like trying to figure out how a big puzzle fits together. I enjoy taking an initial concept or idea from a client and putting the pieces together in such a way that creates a valuable and coordinated output.

What motivates you at work?

Hard work pays off! I’m motivated by the challenge of new projects and goals — then at the end being able to see the finished project that you put countless hours into.

What is your useless talent?

I can’t sing or dance or carry a tune; however, I DO know how to juggle. I would not consider it entirely useless — in college I had to participate in a talent show, so this was my “useless” talent that I could show off.

Favorite film, food, drink and furry friend?

I’m not a huge fan of movies; I’d prefer to watch sports, but I am always down for a good rom-com! My all-time favorite movie is “The Last Song” — I’m a big sucker for a Nicholas Sparks movie. I could eat ice cream every day of the week, and my favorite drink would have to be Diet Coke.

What would be your superpower and why?

A cliché answer but being able to teleport! I enjoy traveling, so imagine all the places you could go if you didn’t have to fly or drive to your destination. Seems practical and saves time and sanity!

If you could do any other kind of work, what would it be?

In another lifetime, I would do something with prosthetics. They have always been very intriguing, especially in the athletics space. I thoroughly enjoy helping others reach their goals.