Now loading Trilix 4.0… 

It’s officially official! The ink is dry. The renovations are a go. Big Grove Brewery is getting a new neighbor in early 2023. We’re making the big move from our 615 3rd St. location in downtown Des Moines to 555 17th St. in the historic Crescent Chevrolet building. 

Why are we moving you ask?

To grow with our business. While many of our service offerings remain the same, a lot has changed since we moved into our current headquarters back in 2014.

“We’re nearing the end of our current lease, and it’s always been a good business practice for us to evolve our space as our service offerings grow and evolve,” said Brett Adams, Trilix president and CMO. “We’re also intrigued by the potential energy of Ingersoll Avenue and what Krause+ is doing with that area and the historic Crescent Chevrolet building.”

It will be a new, invigorating experience for our employees and clients; It’s the next evolution of our business.

Ron Maahs, CEO at Trilix

“This move will give our employees a new space that inspires creativity and allows for more active collaboration between colleagues,” said Ron Maahs. “It will be a new, invigorating experience for our employees and clients; It’s the next evolution of our business.”

A little background

Established in 2004, this is Trilix’s fourth move to date — Trilix 4.0 as we jokingly refer to it in the office. With each move, we’ve strategically selected a space that fits our goals and allows for future growth. When we moved into this space in 2014, we had just over 30 employees. Now, we’re 60 strong, and our service offerings are rapidly expanding as well.

“We have not only grown by adding new talent throughout the past few years but also new services,” Brett noted. “Specifically, we’re finding significant growth in the areas of video, audio, paid media and digital communications. This new space will better accommodate our employees and our expanding service needs.”

We can’t wait to welcome you to the new Trilix headquarters in early 2023! If you have any questions about our new space, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to discuss the next evolution of our business with you.